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 Left to Right: Mark Laberto, Larry Olsen, David Hudock and James Mount

“It was twenty years ago today that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play”.

That is what the Beatles wrote and this year is the 20th anniversary of The Legacy Band. I started my career in music when a friend, who I had loaned $100.00, repaid me by presenting me with a bass guitar. Playing in that garage band I knew I wanted to be a Rock Star. Though not achieving Rock Star status it did lay the foundation in music I use today as a Wedding DJ. There was only one rule by which the band selected a song to play. Can you dance to it? I still ask that about a song today.

                                               Can you dance to it?  

The internet has made it easy for everyone to download music. When hiring a DJ/MC  the emphasis is no longer on how many songs the DJ has in his library. The emphasis is now placed on how much experience does the DJ have.


I started out, as many DJs do by working several years for a franchise company.  Playing the music people want to dance to came easy to me because of my experience playing bass guitar in a variety dance band. I have played at almost every Moose Lodge, Elks Lodge, VFW and American Legion in central North Carolina.


Being an experienced  “Master of Ceremony” is an important part of the job as well .

My interaction at weddings is on the moderate level. I am not your radio talk jockey on the mic all the time. I make the formal Introductions  and all the announcements.  ( cake cutting etc.)  I rely on my years of experience to observe the crowd, keeping in mind that people like the music they grew up with as well as taking request and playing your special songs to keep the party going.

Through all the years my daughter Amanda has accompanied me on jobs since she was 13 years of age. She is now 33 and has 20 years of experience as a DJ and Videographer.  Now, we learn from each other. How many fathers are fortunate enough to spend that much time with their Daughter and have so much fun. Today we sometimes DJ together but often we have separate bookings. Call and speak with Amanda or James.

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