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 What makes us your Affordable Choice when you are searching for an Affordable Raleigh Wedding DJ or Affordable Raleigh Wedding Videographer?


  (1) - Website Design.

There are webmasters who design, promote and maintain websites. At Raleigh Wedding DJ and Video we created our own website using and we conduct our own SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is what helps you find us when your keyword search Raleigh Wedding DJ. and Raleigh Wedding Videography. This service would be expensive If we could not manage it ourselves. This is a great saving to us passed on to you. We hope you enjoy our self-designed, promoted and maintained site. Visit our all pages. Don't forget the Contact US page.

 (2) - Preferred Vendors List.

  You might think the phrase implies that the venue offers some sort of guarantee that you are getting the best DJ at the best price.

 A  “Preferred Vendors List” is simply a way for the venue to generate additional revenue. DJ companies pay to be on a vendors list. Same as *** Angies List. You pay for the listing. You will not find Raleigh Wedding DJ and Video on any  preferred vendors list. We prefer to pass these savings on to you. Making us your Affordable Raleigh Wedding DJ Service and Affordable Raleigh Wedding Videography Service.


 (3) - Companies with Multiple DJs.

  Let’s say you hire a DJ for $1000.00 from a company with multiple DJs. The company and the DJ typically split the earnings 50/50.

There is nothing wrong with that. The company bore the cost of advertising, however; It is a higher cost passed on to you.

Before you spend twice as much for your  Wedding DJ or Wedding Videographer, call now and speak with Amanda or James who are your Raleigh Wedding  Professionals with years of experience.

 (4) - Promotional Listing Service,

  When you keyword search for a services like Raleigh DJ Service, or Raleigh Wedding Video Service you may have noticed the first page is dominated by promotional sites such as Wedding Wire, The Knot, and others.  It is very expensive to list a business on these sites. Some companies have listings with more than one promotion site and pay even more to be listed on page one. At Raleigh Wedding DJ and Video we have a very tight budget but you have to spend some ad money somewhere.You can find us listed with which is a very moderately priced listing service with good exposure in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and 27606 area code. We work hard to provide quality service at an affordable price.




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