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    Whether you’re planning a romantic moonlit wedding or a high-energy dance party, lighting sets the tone for how your guests will feel throughout the evening. Imagine an intimate Wedding Reception and as you step into the venue there are warm off-white lights illuminating the pillars or walls throughout the venue. You and your guest will be immediately  embraced by the ambience. A venue without up-lighting is like a picture without a frame. Make it a WOW! moment with up-lighting.
  Now imagine if you went to a fun dance club and there was no dance floor lighting. It would be a pretty disappointing sight because lighting, enhances the mood, promotes social gathering and encourages people to get out on the dance floor. Dance floor lighting creates a fun atmosphere that brings your Reception to life.  Explore all your lighting options with Raleigh Wedding DJ and Video.

LED Up-Lighting
16 colors to choose

Derby Disco Lights
w/ multicolor beams

Derby Rave Lights
w/ multicolor beams
Plus Laser


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